Massage for Cats

Cats and kittens engage in all manner of athletics. They:

    • Jump,

    • Twist,

    • Climb,

    • Walk along Narrow Surfaces,

    • Pounce,

    • Roll, and

    • Play Roughly

Like human athletes, they need to be able to move comfortably, avoid injury and recover from the injuries they can't avoid. In short, cats benefit from massage as much as any other athletes.

For some cats, bodywork is just the thing. For others, it's unthinkable! If your cat doesn't mind being touched gently by strangers and isn't so shy she feels the need to hide when visitors come, she may benefit from and enjoy feline massage.

Cats who can benefit from massage include

    • Older cats with arthritis and other joint conditions,

    • Cats and kittens recovering from recent injury,

    • Cats who have been injured in the past and continue to limp or move awkwardly,

    • Older cats with poor circulation

    • Cats and kittens who have been, or are about to be confined for an extended period, (such as when being boarded or shipped),

    • Cats distressed before or after visits to the vet, baths or grooming,

    • Show cats who need to be relaxed and look their best,

    • Feline actors who must remain calm and comfortable throughout a day's filming or photo shoot,

    • Any cat who can't get enough gentle, respectful stroking!

What professional feline massage can do for your cat

    • Calm and Relax,

    • Sooth Sore Muscles and Joints,

    • Prevent Injury,

    • Improve flexibility and Range of Motion,

    • Restore Natural Balance,

    • Aid in Recovery from Injury or Surgery,

    • Promote Healthy Skin and Coat,

    • Make Your Cat Feel Great!

Carla uses gentle, slow techniques with cats, allowing them to direct their own massages, yet still finding ways to work out tension, knots and adhesions and to include stretching and range of motion exercises.

Introductory feline bodywork sessions may be as short as 15 minutes, but most cats who are good candidates for massage come to luxuriate (as only cats can!) during their massages; purring, stretching, falling asleep or relaxing completely.

To discuss whether or not your cat might be comfortable with and benefit from massage, please call or send e-mail.