Massage for Horses

Equine Massage has a great deal to offer any horse. Whether your horse is young or old; a Clydesdale or Shetland Pony; in peak condition, coming in from pasture or on stall rest, massage can provide countless physical, behavioral and performance benefits.

Olympic equestrian teams nearly all now engage the services of a professional equine bodyworker. But you and your horse needn't compete internationally to gain tremendous advantages from equine massage-- far from it! The retired family pony has as much to gain from a massage as the Olympic three-day eventer.

Top dressage competition mounts and weekend trail horses, alike, move more comfortably, smoothly and safely when relaxed and free of muscle tension, joint stiffness and pain. Massage can do all of this and more!

Gait, balance, head carriage, attitude and even behavioral issues may be related to tight, sore muscles, joint inflexibility and discomfort. When tension and limited flexibility or range of motion of the joints are contributing factors, massage, (in conjunction with good vet care, proper shoeing and an appropriate exercise regime,) can play a significant role in resolving such issues.

Owners, trainers and veterinarians, alike, have come to recognize regular massage as a key element in maintaining any horse's musculoskeletal health and conditioning.

Equine massage can

  • Restore Natural Gait, and Balance

  • Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion,

  • Lengthen Stride,

  • Sooth Sore Muscles and Joints,

  • Release Muscle Tension, Adhesions and "Knots",

  • Compliment Conditioning Programs,

  • Calm the Nervous Horse,

  • Energize the Lethargic Horse,

  • Prevent Injury,

  • Counteract Stress,

  • Hasten Recovery from Injury,

  • Reduce Scarring,

  • Enhance Performance and

  • Make Your Horse Feel Great!

Important Notice

Though excellent for your horse's comfort and well-being, as part of a routine conditioning program and in aiding recovery from injury, MASSAGE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR VETERINARY CARE! If your horse is lame or injured or if you suspect any sort of health problem, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you would like your horse to receive the benefits of pre and post-surgery massage or want massage to play a part in rehabilitation from injury, please consult your vet first. It may be necessary for your equine bodyworker to speak with your vet to determine the best way to incorporate massage into the healing process.

Please feel free to send mail or call if you have any questions about equine massage or how it might benefit your horse.